Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Change...what are you willing?

Change is a thing that when I look, I can see. It's all around me, at work, at home, at church on the various sports fields...everyone is going through change. Slowly I am coming out of my own comfort zone to find that change is a good thing, if not a necessity to life.

Here some examples of change in my life at this time:

At home, we have decided to change our schooling format from homeschool to our local public high-school. This is a major transition in our home, but one that as a dad is positive to observe. The choice to change and enter the local high-school is a result of my son's request. It's his choice. So not only is the change a transition in our home education philosophy it also is a change of letting go. The time is right to trust in my son's choices and have him live his life and have his experience. Simply by making the choice he has stepped up in his relationships at home. He is taking ownership of many things that I have been frustrated as a dad...all stemming from letting go. Change is a good thing.

In addition at home, my wife and I are putting together a plan...a focused plan at getting ourselves ready spiritually, physically, emotionally, financially and otherly to be willing to serve God as He calls us. The change here is my willingness to have a concrete goal which involves other areas of my life. Our desire is to be prepared to move to France and serve or help local evangelical missions on a more direct basis. For the past few months we have worked steadily on becoming good financial stewards. The goal is not specifically for financial wealth, but rather to be obedient and show a track record of making good financial decisions and thus develop a skill to manage finances for the mission field.

This is an unedited piece that was never published...so here it is, a new day and yet another renewed spirit of moving forward.


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