Tuesday, November 01, 2005

What is your Spiritual Destiny?

What a question? During a coaching class last night we were discussing the issue of depression and people who are in despair and hopeless. Our instructor challenged us to take an informal poll of people we know and simply ask them "What is your Spiritual Destiny?"

All I can say is "WOW"

For me this is truly inspiring. This is not, what are you good at? What abilities do you have? Rather this hits home and drives the search for my ultimate purpose. It's a chance to look at spiritual gifts in a new light.

Please understand that recently we have been studying Ephesians in our ABF/Sunday School and through the study we touched on Spiritual Gifts. I personally studied these gifts to get in touch with my own gifting strengths and the gifts that I may not appreciate as well as others. That's me trying to be PC, in reality I do not have the gift of administration, organization and a few others.

It's rather funny, as currently God has spoken to me about "Clutter" in my life, so perhaps this is God calling me to develop my weaker gifts to a point so that I can truly perfect my strong gifts. At this point "Clutter" is getting in the way of my strengths and in turn I am NOT serving as I am called to.

But I digress...the key here is where are my spiritual gifts carrying me. Is it simply to serve the hear and now, the moment, the needs of today? Sure, they help with today and I can continue to live one day at a time...but there is a larger purpose that as I dream and seek, I catch a glimpse of God's vision for me. I see his greatness in my wife and in my children, I see the greatness in the people around me...but just possibly, I can sense that he has greatness in store for me as well.

After all it is God who created me, it is God who shaped me, it is God who provided me with a vision of tomorrow. So as I look at my destiny, I see a changed world. For me that changed world is France. I not only see a community here and there, but an entire nation rebuilt through salvation as they come to a unique relationship with God through Jesus. By the way, he is reaching the people of France through relationship with people like you and I.

I see my own destiny as having a home in France where along with my wife we have a community place that people can come and be home. However in this setting, I am in the background as the driving force is from the Holy Spirit as French people and others who live in this French community come together and they are the ones teaching and reaching with the Gospel of Jesus. Our home is also a place for others to rest. As much as it is a place where intelectual discussion is had, it is more a place that hearts can be poured out and filled with the love of Jesus.

My spiritual destiny is coming and some day, I will honor that which the lord has placed on my heart.

What is your spiritual destiny?


Anonymous jbmhend said...

Very interesting. I just wish you were not going so far away. But as the internet has created a friendship between us and our families, I'm guessing it will keep our friendship healthy for now and always.
Thanks for sharing the link.

7:28 PM  

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