Thursday, November 03, 2005

Living in today

It occured to me that as my thoughts and dreams are focused on the many tomorrows in front of me, there is no better time to enjoy the opportunity of the moment than by living in today. With this I took some time this morning to stay faithful in my Prayer, as this makes 10 days straight of morning quiet Prayer. As I share this, I can only pause and imagine how others who are strong in their faith also struggle with a Prayer time. It gives me more compassion for myself and the courage to want to be real with others in hopes that they too will gain strength as they learn to appreciate the moment and stage of their lives.

Later this morning around 6:30AM I helped Ryan study for a final exam in Computer Science that he will be taking this morning. Fortunately he had a review sheet filled with questions and answers, as I know very little about computers. He is taking a JAVA class, which to me is a good fresh cup of coffee, not some computer watchamacalit. Anyway, he really seems jazzed up and ready for his test. Its amazing to watch him and to reflect on how great it is to put in the work up front and to be excited about taking the test.

On a faith stand point, am I excited for my final exam when I have to face God?

Interesting thing in Ryan and Eric's school. They provide rewards for students who maintain a certain grade and have perfect attendance. They give them an exemption card, which allows them to be exempt from a final exam of their choosing.

Could I imagine having an exemption card from God? Fortunately, I and all of us have that opportunity and the great thing is that I don't need good grades or perfect attendance.

Even to this day, I am amazed and God's love for me and how that same love is there for everyone to accept.

This is what carries me to live in the moment and to enjoy the moment.

Now my day continues. After helping Ryan study, he was off to school so I took a moment to do a simple chore and run the dishes in an effort to help within the house. I fed the dogs, we have three dogs. Hope, Joy and Love!!! I think they are God's way of showing us unconditional love.

No matter what type of day I am having, they always want to be near me and around me. I picture the kids in Jesus' time who wanted to always be near him. Funny how we as people tend to over analyze and strategies how to be successful, when bottom line life is about relationships and making our yes' yes and our nos' no. People quite frankly want to have fun and enjoy being around each other.

Well, I am coming to my end of time this morning as I must get off to work. I have a conference call in 10 minutes that will lead into several other phone-meetings today. As business is a part of today, I Pray that I will live in the moment and actually enjoy the moments of work as an opportunity to have relationships with others and to be an example that reflects God's grace.


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