Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Amongst the cheer is the sad reality

My friends, I humbly apologize today as I am in a somber mood as this wonderful day of celebration approaches. You see amidst all the festivities and the spirit of giving, I am finding it more and more difficult to dawn the mask of "All is well"

Quite frankly, I am a bit sad this Christmas. Don't get me wrong, in my house and with my wife and sons, we have a great love for one another. We are spending time together and sharing in each others hopes and dreams of tomorrow, while celebrating the beauty of the day.

No this is not a story about victims of a certain plight within our world.

This however is a story of the sadness that I see every year as it relates to family of origin, as well as friends. I am suddenly seeing the consequences of a multitude of choices that people very dear to me have made. I am seeing broken relationships of various types happening before my eyes. I am seeing walls being put up, yes even by me.

As much as we experience the warmth of love, there is a strange pink elephant that is called isolation.

Amongst the joys of rekindled relationships and the celebration of new friends and new family, I find myself hurting for those who have gone on from this world, those who are getting ready to leave, separation of families and the desire to not communicate or to see certain family members.

I find myself viewing the reality of this world for what it is.

Now, my heart does not want to leave this story with pure sadness, unfortunately that is the emotion that is filling me today.

I understand the greatness of God's grace and how this is sufficient for me. I remind myself that I can not be the one to choose for anyone else in this life. So I ask for Prayer in my own understanding. Pray that I can see and experience the Joy while easing the sadness that is the reality of this world.

Let me focus and celebrate the Joy of seeing a friend who has just returned from his time in Germany and Iraq!!!

Let me celebrate the joy of my Wife and her success with Life Coaching!!! Let me celebrate my Wife and he circle of friends!!! Her friends help to complete her, and their friendship provides for a wonderfule marriage!!!

Let me celebrate my sons!!! My oldest son, Eric for his perservearance in learning and playing the sport of Tennis!!! For his commitment to God!!! I have been told by other kids in his school that he is Holier than me, his dad!!! I'm in no way holy, but it is great to hear that my son is trying with all his might to be obedient to God regardless of the temptation thrown on him as a teenager!!! Let me celebrate his academic achievements and his vision for his future!!!

Let me celebrate my youngest son, Ryan for his competitive drive and sheer joy of life!!! Let me celebrate his willingness to try and ultimate joy of watching him celebrate his success!!!

Let me celebrate my dogs, Hope, Joy and Love!!! All three of which show a complete and unconditional love!!!

Let me celebrate the DeMuth family, who have ventured as missionaries into France!!! They are a living example of obedience and I thank them for their story!!!

As I close, I can think of many more that I want to celebrate, I hope and Pray that the folks that I am saddened for today, can have a moment that they can look at celebrate the great things in their lives. Ultimately I Pray that they can celebrate with Jesus!!!


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