Thursday, December 22, 2005

Emotions running high in Dallas

Okay, so here is yet another fault of mine. Sports, more specifically the Professional Dallas teams.

You would think that leading up to Christmas that I would not allow the results of any sports game to effect my mood, but after watching my teams get crushed, I did. Others in my home also did, but that is another story.

Then last night I watched a movie with my wife called "Fever Pitch". It's a story about a passionate Boston Red Sox fan. Passionate isn't the half of how much this characters life revolves around the Red Sox. In short he is more devoted to the Red Sox than anything else, to the point that he risked losing the love of his life. During a crucial scene his girlfriend speaks to him and says, "I love you like you love your Red Sox" (I paraphrased as I have a horrible memory)...then she asked a strong have the Red Sox loved you in return?

This movie had some really great points towards the end and I don't want to give it all away...but it has caused me to take a look at my affair with the Cowboys, Mavs, Stars and other sports teams.

This Christmas, I will work to make sports just what it is,'s just a game.

Here's to capturing my energy as a fan and giving it back to my wife and kids!!!

Merry Christmas.


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