Thursday, February 02, 2006

Life continues

Life is filled with boxes of stuff. Some are great and others...well they could be better off just staying in the box. Coming off the holidays, where many boxes where opened with the sure fired smile regardless of what was inside, life continues.

Stretching into February the pressures of life continue. Work, Family, Church and a few other things, within each is yet another slue of boxes to be opened and organized. However one box can easily effect another box and thus really complicate matters.

My futile attempt above is to write about day to day life as experienced by me. I'm finding that I have some really great things going on, within my own work, my family and my church, but I also am discovering that I am have some obstacles to overcome. Many are simply things that have to be dealt with, while some are consequences of previous choices that I have made.

Specifically financial issues, tithe and such...this is a major obstacle that take some discipline, which I am in the process of truly learning. As well, the battle of Time...managing my time is in direct conflict with managing my energy and desires...

Uhhh, this is so's time for me to sign off...perhaps next time, I can come up with something a bit more uplifting...but in the end, I am like many of you and simply being as Life Continues.


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