Monday, February 13, 2006

Prayer, it's not just given...but also requested

Filled with ups and downs, that is what makes life so dynamic.

Unfortunately, lately the bumps have been pretty harsh...consequences of choices and decisions that were simple to see the good, but easy to choose the bad. Caught up in the vision of tomorrow with some slips from the daily focus to succeed towards that destination. Financial and Purity choices have been a difficult struggle.

Pardon me for not sharing the gritty details, but suffice it to say that family and marital strain have entered into teh dynamic of life. No longer is it safe to say that only with God's grace can we perservere, but it is a matter of choice in obedience to experience God's grace and redemptive powers.

Dicsipline has been a very difficult thing for me to accomplish in my life. Should I say, sustained discipline? It's amazing the lessons that I try to teach my own sons in perservearence, seem lost in my own walk as I cling to the latest thing that feels good. Be it an eclair of any variety...or is addiction circles something called a "Magic Pill"

Yet, in this moment of despair, there is a strong hope. The meeting of new people who seek help for the first time!!! The sharing of visions, not quite long term vision, but rather short term with a site of a plan and some actions to take. I've heard this called, "Taking Baby Steps"

So today I Pray, I Pray for a rekindling of Love, I Pray for my own strengthening in my faith and for the sight to see where I should place my next step, I Pray for God's Grace and Forgiveness, but more importantly that I will accept it and do something with it.

As I sit and ponder, I Pray that decisions will become simple as I sort through the busy-ness of life. Work, Marriage, Parenthood, Friend, Church, Missions, Sports, Coaching, Finances, Sobriety, Faith and Self. All of these things are a part of my life, all of them are a part of the other, yet all of them deserve their own delicate attention. Pray that I become willing to make Faith my top priority and that I allow Faith to support me in the other areas of my life.


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