Friday, March 03, 2006

Miracles of news!!!

Recently I have had some fairly deep struggles and yesterday was filled with the emotion of feeling sorry for myself. Stress of everyday life couples with sharp words that have been directed at me and I reacted with an emotional depression. However some hope arose from this depression.

The news of the Good News!!!

Recently I ran into an old friend. Actually we were the best of friends back in High School. A ton of memories to be shared from my days prior to Christ. Perhaps some other time. He later stood in as the Best Man at my wedding to the most wonderful bride a man could have. I am so fortunate, some would say lucky, but I would say blessed!!!

Life happened and we lost touch with each other. I have often though of my friend and prayed for him, however my own inadaquacy didn't have the confidence of getting in touch, mainly out of fear that I would fall back into some old life patterns. But yet again, a different story.

However God is AWESOME!!! By chance we ran into each other and made a commitment to get in touch with each other. At the time I was preparing to go out of town, so I indicated that I would contact him when I returned.

So yesterday, I sent him a quick e-mail just to say Hi and to set up a time to get a hold of each other. I get a reply e-mail, late in the afternoon when I was at my worst place of the day, emotionally and in his message he let's me know that two years ago he accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

WOW!!! That message did more to lift my spirits than anything had in a long time. This message restored my hope!!!

Thank you God for believing in me and my friends. Thank for never giving up on us.


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