Sunday, April 02, 2006

Life Goes on

Life goes on

Well folks, life goes on. Things are happening fast and furious and today, I am trying to simply catch my breath.

Please pray for a dear friend, who battling hard in the hospital after catching Malaria while on a mission trip to Uganda. Being a friend and not a family member, I am reluctant to post any additional information, but please pray.

Also pray as their are spiritual attacks occuring and I am seeking God's wisdom on how to address things that our outside of my control.

On the positive side, Pray for France!!! There is a team preparing to travel to France for a short term support. Our friends and long term team members based in Southern France are getting ready to have their first public service. Pray that all team members will be blessed and that their sacrifice will be well received by the people they are all seeking to reach. Pray that each team member will get to see an early return and some of the fruit of the work and service they are providing.

Also a note, my sons will be receiving some type of Academic Award this month. We received a letter regarding an upcoing awards ceremony and that both Eric and Ryan would receive an award, however they have not shared what the award is. Regardless, I am so proud of both of them as they have made the transition from Homeschool to High School absolutely amazing. Seeing them turning into great young men, does my heart wonders and I am thrilled to have the honor of being their dad and play a small part in the Men that they will become!!!


Blogger Cyndi said...

"Parent-friendly," LOL. Glad to be here. Oh, and from what I can tell, your part in how your 2 young men are progressing is not a "small" one at all. God is faithful, isn't He? Congrats to the boys, and have a great week!

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